User club presentation

The TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference

The TELEMAC-MASCARET user conference takes place usually during autumn, on an annual basis. This seminar, quite informal, aims at providing:


  • The opportunity for the end-users to discuss with key representatives of the developer and distribution teams;
  • The opportunity for the developer teams to present latest advances and strategic plans;
  • The opportunity for end-users to discuss performance of new versions and features, have a say on ongoing developments; and
  • The opportunity for end-users to present their own work, to share their experiences and get feedback on best practices.

The outcome of previous TELEMAC User meetings is available through the menu to the right. These include the agenda and the presentations made by all during the seminars.




The XXVth TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, hosted by Cefas/CCSUS will be taking place on 9th to 11th October 2018 in Norwich (UK). A website has been put in place for registration and venue details:

TELEMAC-MASCARET is a full suite of programs dedicated to free surface flows and associated phenomena (sediment transport, water quality, waves). In reaching its quarter century anniversary, the Telemac-Mascaret User Conference has proved
crucial in bringing together an international group of engineers, scientists and hydrodynamicists to share best practise and ideas for the development of this unique hydro-informatics software system.

All users, (scientists, engineers, researchers and students) are invited to attend or participate as speakers. Speakers should submit a one-page abstract which will be reviewed by the TELEMACMASCARET Consortium's Scientific Committee.
After the abstract has been accepted, authors will be invited to produce a full paper of 6 -8 pages which will be published in the ISBN-referenced conference proceedings and present their paper orally at the conference.

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