The TELEMAC-MASCARET system is a modelling tool recognised throughout the world.

Before the opening of the system as open source, the number of TELEMAC installations in the world was about 150. We now have over 4000 registered users.

Due to the origin, the TELEMAC-MASCARET system is used by most of the french design offices as well as french state organisations, but the number of licence is important in a number of european countrie as well (Germany, UK, Switzerland...) and on the American continent (Canada in particular). However, licences exist in other countries (Thailand, Malaysia...)

In addition, the TELEMAC-MASCARET system is used by a large number of universities, engineering schools and research centres.

Some TELEMAC users in the world...

  • Laboratoire National d'Hydraulique et Environnement (Paris - France)
  • ARTELIA (Grenoble - France)
  • Port Autonome de Nantes Saint Nazaire (Nantes - France)
  • B.C.E.O.M. (Montpellier - France)
  • Société du Canal de Provence (Aix en Provence - France)
  • Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (Lyon - France)
  • B.R.L. Ingéniérie (Nîmes - France)
  • Véolia Environnement - DRDT (Paris - France)
  • Océanide (Toulon - France)
  • Actimar (Brest - France)
  • S.H.O.M. (Brest - France)
  • BAW (Hamburg/Karlsruhe - Germany)
  • HR Wallingford (United Kingdom)
  • Centre d'Hydraulique Canadien (Ottawa - Canada)
  • Hydro-Quebec (Montreal - Canada)
  • B.C. Hydro (Vancouver - Canada)
  • C.I.D (Rabat - Moroco)
  • Finish Enviroment Institute (Helsinki - Finland)
  • Sweco (Sweden)
  • IMDC (Antwerp - Belgium)
  • Flanders Hydraulics Research (Antwerp - Belgium)
  • flussbüro (Graz - Austria)
  • TU Graz (Graz - Austria)
  • Uwe Merkel (Karlsruhe - Germany)

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