TELEMAC-2D - Two-dimensional hydrodynamic

Overflow subsequent to an embankment failure


TELEMAC-2D  is used to simulate free-surface flows in two dimensions of horizontal space. At each point of the mesh, the program calculates the depth of water and the two velocity components.

A complete and effective program

TELEMAC-2D solves the Saint-Venant equations using the finite-element or finite-volume method and a computation mesh of triangular elements. It can perform simulations in transient and permanent conditions.

TELEMAC-2D can take into account the following phenomena:

  • Propagation of long waves, taking into account non-linear effects
  • Bed friction
  • Influence of Coriolis force
  • Influence of meteorological factors: atmospheric pressure and wind
  • Turbulence
  • Torrent and river flows
  • Influence of horizontal temperature or salinity gradients on density
  • Cartesian or spherical coordinates for large domains
  • Dry areas in the computational domain: intertidal flats and flood plains
  • Current entrainment and diffusion of a tracer, with source and sink terms
  • Monitoring of floats and Lagrangian drifts
  • Treatment of singular points: sills, dikes, pipes.


Amplitude of tidal wave M2 in the English Channel

The algorithms used by TELEMAC-2D are extremely efficient and are constantly being improved in order to incorporate the latest developments made in the field of numerical computations.


A poweful and open environment

TELEMAC-2D offers the user a set of FORTRAN sub-routines that can be modified to meet the specific requirements of each model: specification of initial conditions or complex boundary conditions, link-ups with other modelling systems, introduction of new functions. 

A parallel version of the software is also available.


Engineering applications

TELEMAC-2D is used in many fields of application. In the maritime field, particular mention may be made of harbour structure design, studies of the effect of building submersible breakwaters or dredging works, the impact of discharges from a sea outfall, study of thermal plumes; and, with regard to rivers, the impact of various types of construction (bridges, sills, groynes), dam breaks, flood studies, transport of dissipating or non-dissipating tracers. TELEMAC-2D can also be used for a number of special applications, such as industrial reservoir failures, avalanches falling into reservoirs, etc.


Tidal currents in Atlanta Bay


Integrated into the TELEMAC-MASCARET system

TELEMAC-2D is integrated into the TELEMAC-MASCARET modelling system. This contains a group of programs dedicated to fluid mechanics calculations relating to the environment: 2D and 3D current patterns, waves, sedimentology and water quality.

  • TELEMAC-2D uses the libraries that are common to all modules of the TELEMAC-MASCARET system. This concerns in particular the use of numerical schemes and high-performance solvers, which are constantly being improved.

  • In addition, it is easy to link up TELEMAC-2D with another module in the system (computation of wave-induced currents, sediment transport, etc.)

Like all the modules of the TELEMAC-MASCARET system, TELEMAC-2D was developed in accordance with the quality assurance procedures followed in the Electricité de France's Studies and Research Division. The software is supplied with a complete set of documents: theoretical description, user's manual and first steps, validation file, etc.

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