SISYPHE - Sediment transport and bed evolution

SISYPHE is the state of the art sediment transport and bed evolution module of the TELEMAC-MASCARET modelling system.

SISYPHE can be used to model complex morphodynamics processes in diverse environments, such as coastal, rivers, lakes and estuaries, for different flow rates, sediment size classes and sediment transport modes.


Example of applications


In SISYPHE, sediment transport processes are grouped as bed-load, suspended-load or total-load, with an extensive library of bed-load transport relations.

SISYPHE is applicable to non-cohesive sediments that can be uniform (single-sized) or non-uniform (multiple-sized), cohesive sediments (multi-layer consolidation models), as well as sand-mud mixtures.

A number of physically-based processes are incorporated into SISYPHE, such as the influence of secondary currents to precisely capture the complex flow field induced by channel curvature, the effect of bed slope associated with the influence of gravity, bed roughness predictors, and areas of inerodible bed, among others.

For currents only, SISYPHE can be tighly coupled to the depth-averaged shallow water module TELEMAC-2D or to the three-dimensional Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes module TELEMAC-3D. In order to account for the effect of waves or combined waves and currents, SISYPHE can be internally coupled to the waves module TOMAWAC.

SISYPHE can be easily expanded and customized to particular requirements by modifying friendly, easy to read fortran files. To help the community of users and developers, SISYPHE includes a large number of examples, verification and validation tests for a range of applications.

Coupling methods

Schematic coupling strategies for Sisyphe : currents only (left) currents + waves (right)




Point bars in large-amplitude meanders : simulations by SISYPHE coupled to TELEMAC-2D and TELEMAC-3D (based on the experiences by Whiting and Dietrich, 1993). See also 'Numerical Simulations of Bar Formation and Propagation in Straight and Curved Channels', Proceedings of the TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference 2013.

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