Version v6p3 released

The v6p3 version is officially released today.

New functionalities

Some of the key new features of this version are:

  • Internal coupling waves-currents and sediment transport;
  • TOMAWAC is now fully compatible with parallel processing;
  • Drogues or floating bodies now work in parallel in TELEMAC-2D and 3D.

Many other new features are available, for the full set of changes since v6p2 see the feature log.

New module

The new DREDGESIM module (now called NESTOR) has been integrated in the system. DREGESIM has been developed by the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich on behalf of BAW, and as its name indicates, is used for modelling of dredging.
A description of all available modules is provided on this page.

Automatic installer

In order to help with the installation of the system, we have created an automatic installer for Windows that will install the TELEMAC system and all the other required software (compiler, python, svn...), and configure the whole. The installer now automatically installs the system in parralel. A version for Linux is planned for the future


New code structure

We have modified the structure of the former TELEMAC system to help with the coming merge with the MASCARET system. It also follows structures of other known open source software, and makes the tree more logical and easier to understand. You can find details on the TELEMAC source code structure on the source code wiki page.

Updated release policy

Rather than only creating a yearly tag "v6p3" (read-only snapshot of the development trunk), we have created a branch called "v6p3", which allows us to fix bugs over its life span (if there are any). As a result, the branch "v6p3" is a moving target.

For users who need a fixed release, particularly for quality control procedures in consultancy studies, we will also be creating tags "v6p3r0" (release 0), "v6p3r1" (release 1) etc., to keep up with the branch "v6p3". These tags will be created on a monthly basis or as necessary depending on the number of changes made to the branch "v6p3". Finally, you will note that the first (v6p3r0) was release early August and that following the feedback of a few enthusiasts, we have now created v6p3r1. This tag is our stable version for v6p3.  

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