Introduction to the open TELEMAC-MASCARET system installation

Building blocks

Before installing the system, it is useful to understand its various components, and how they interact with each other. We have various options for pre-processing, hydrodynamics, transport, parallelisation, post-processing...

Pre-processing and graphical interface

  • FUDAA-Prepro: A user friendly interface for the computation parameters (Boundaries and initials conditions, parameters ...)
  • Blue Kenue: Mesh generator
  • Gismo, Janet: Digital terrain modelling, mesh generator

Hydrodynamic and transport modules

  • GAIA


The TELEMAC-MASCARET system takes advantage of the following tools:

  • METIS (developped by Karypis Lab)
  • MPI (MS-MPI on Windows; MPICH, Open MPI or Intel MPI on Linux)

Supporting tools

  • FORTRAN compiler (GFortran, Intel Fortran Compiler, NAG Fortran Compiler...)
  • Python
  • Git

Results visualisation and processing

  • FUDAA-Prepro
  • Blue-Kenue
  • Davit
  • MATLAB-based tools
  • ParaView
  • QGIS

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Installation overview

This article is providing information for manual installation of the system. Alternatively, an automatic installer is available that will do all of these steps for you automatically.

If you are beginner we advise to first install the system without the parallel setup, this will make things simpler, and you can always add it later.

You will probably like to have a FORTAN compiler installed. The reason for this is simple: although it is possible to download a pre-compiled version of the system, you are then 'limited' to the standard functions (although these are already extensive). In practice, studies you will undertake may involve tailoring the code to your specific needs, and then re-compiling the system. This is what makes TELEMAC-MASCARET such a powerful tool.

Git is a very handy way of keeping your source files in sync with our latest release. It may be a bit more hassle to setup initially compared to simply downloading the zip files of the source code. But you will then get the long-term benefit of receiving the latest improvements in one click, without having to redownload the zip files. The updates on Git are also much more frequent.

As for mesh builders, graphical interfaces and post-processors: it is really your preference. It may be worth downloading a few and choose the one that suits you best.

You can find a the installation instructions for both Windows and Linux at the page below.

Installation guide

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